Vodafone Hungary delivers aid to hurricane-hit Mozambique

Led by a Hungarian engineer, the Vodafone Foundation is delivering its Instant Network Emergency Response to hurricane-hit Mozambique.

The four-person team, led by Vodafone Hungary engineer Róbert Tóth has already landed in the country and is on its way to the country's fourth largest city, Beira, where all communication networks have been destroyed.

They are carrying 300 kilograms of battery and solar-powered emergency network equipment that can be set up in as little as 40 minutes, providing free mobile phone, Wi-Fi and telephone charging in disaster-hit areas.

The Instant Network 3G and the Instant Wi-Fi solution was developed by Tóth and his colleague, Csaba Pervai, who is also on standby in Hungary should his help be required. The team has previously provided emergency communication networks in several disaster-hit areas such as in the Philippines in 2018. 

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