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Actor loses TV role over anti-liberal comments

Actor Jarosław Jakimowicz has been stripped of his role in an upcoming TV series due to his anti-liberal entries on social media.

The actor told that he had faced unpleasantries due to his political views on many occasions. In the past, Facebook had blocked his account and he had even received threats after speaking out against Act 447.

Jakimowicz had a contracted role in a TV series but the day prior to shooting, he received a phone call during which he was told, that due to his views, he had been removed from the cast.

The actor explained that he thinks that he had the role taken away due to his recent posts about liberal Spring party leader Robert Biedroń. 

Jakimowicz underlined that he had everything prepared for the next day, to begin shooting, including his script, when he received a call from his agent telling him, that “they are giving you up, because of your posts.”

“They’re like a choir,” Jakimowicz said about the actor environment in Poland. “If you start singing differently, they’ll keep you down.” 

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