The age of fish and chips may end

In the case of a hard Brexit, the United Kingdom faces the possibility of losing some of its best-known dishes. At the top of the list are fish and chips, pizza and tea.

A no-deal Brexit implies one without a trade agreement between the UK and the European Union. This would mean a return to an industrial era diet since the UK has been importing food for centuries and is dependent on that import.

Although it is unlikely that the import would cease entirely, stores and farmers are preparing for the worst. If a no-deal Brexit comes to be, Britons may forget about “five fruits and vegetables a day” and instead, get used to milk, meat, potatoes and green peas. 

“Although we will have food, the logistics will have to deal with serious changes in the chains of delivery,” Sue Pritchard, the director of the commission for food and countryside at the Royal Society of Arts explained.

Although we will have food, the logistics will have to deal with serious changes in the chains of delivery

Bread would be in high supply as wheat is very common in British fields. Pizza and high-quality pasta, however, are made from wheat high in protein which grows best in Southern climates. Unfortunately, pizza will have to be replaced by extra sandwiches.

The traditional British fish & chips is based on Norwegian and Icelandic cod, whereas British fishmongers sell crustaceans to the mainland. The current food import supplies 90 percent of fish. 

Luckily chips will still remain because the UK will find no lack of potatoes, since the UK is responsible for around 75 percent of the potato demand in their own country.  

Leaving the EU may have an impact on trade with countries outside of Europe and there is a possibility that Britons will have to look for an alternative to 5 o’ clock tea. Coffee and wine may also be off the menu as those are imported to the UK, with the British importing more than 480 mln bottles of wine from the EU itself in 2017.

On the other hand, there are 20 mln barrels of whiskey waiting to be used in Scotland and there are enough barley fields to supply beer brewers.

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