Kaczyński: Courts are under the influence of LGBT ideology

“The courts are completely under the influence of LGBT ideology,” PiS leader Jarosław Kaczyński told a supporter during one of his party’s family picnics. He claimed that if it were up to him, the issue of pride parades would be “clear”.

Kaczyński had met with several supporters during the family picnic in Zbuczyn, Central Poland under the slogan “Good Time for Poland.”

One of the women asked what he will do about the organization of pride parades, stating that “we as Poles, will not accept that.”

The PiS leader responded and was overheard by journalists of TVN24 news. He said that “the issue is, that if it were up to me, it would be clear,” and reminded that when his deceased brother and former President, Lech Kaczyński was mayor of Warsaw, pride parades were banned in the city.

Kaczyński explained that the issue comes down to European Union legislation, as well as Polish courts. “They would repeal such bans. As would the courts, which are completely under the influence of that [LGBT] ideology.”

The PiS leader argued that a different and calmer approach is needed towards the matter, so that it would “not destroy Polish culture, not destroy the Polish Church. We will fight for that.”

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