5 teens died

Distribution of movie “Escape Room” suspended following tragic fire

The distributors of the film “Escape Room” have suspended the release of the movie in Poland. The decision was taken following the fire in the northern city of Koszalin at the weekend in which five teenage girls perished.

United International Pictures, the distributors of the horror flick “Escape Room” have suspended, for an indefinite period, the release of the movie in Poland. The decision was taken in response to the fire in an ‘escape room’ that took place in Koszalin and in which five teenage girls perished and a man was seriously wounded.  


Firefighters found the victims' bodies after they extinguished a fire next to the locked room. Autopsies showed that the girls, who were friends from school, died of carbon monoxide inhalation.

As a result of the fire the public prosecutors have filed charges against an individual who is accused of negligence which unintentionally cause the fire. He is considered to be the person responsible for managing the ‘escape room‘ enterprise and having prepared the room. 

According to the prosecutors the individual failed to take care of adequate heating systems and evacuation routes that would enable the participants to leave the place of entertainment. The individual charged has so far refused to testify and is being held in custody. 

"Escape room" movie

The movie “Escape Room” which premiered in the USA on January 3rd was to go on release in Poland on January 11th. The film tells the story of six people who on the same day receive unsolicited invitations to a recently opened ‘escape room’. 

Their reward for solving riddles and finding a way out of the room is a million dollars. However, it emerges that the stake in the game is not just the fortune but also the lives of the participants.

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