Culture War

Emotions running high in Polish sexuality debate

Emotions are running high in the Polish debate over LGBT. Polish internauts came to the defense of PiS MP Krystyna Pawłowicz after she was insulted by liberal journalist Hanna Lis, who called her a “childless old maid.”

During Law and Justice’s Saturday convention, PiS Chairman Jarosław Kaczyński spoke of sexualizing young children, which is meant to occur as part of the planned “LGBT+ Card” in Warsaw. Hanna Lis’s response came in light of Kaczyński’s speech and Pawłowicz’s tweet, where she urged a fight for Polish culture and identity:

“So it is WAR! For Polish children, Polish families, Polish villages and Polish towns. For POLAND and EUROPE, which is WAITING for our HELP. For Polish identity and culture we will “bite the grass” but we MUST win this cultural war. The agencies of Soros, leftist customs pathologies – get AWAY from Poland and the EU.”

“It’s telltale, that the “war for Polish children” is being declared by a childless old maid [Pawłowicz] and a childless old bachelor [Kaczyński]. I’m waiting for prosecutor Piotrowicz, who defended a pedophile priest from Tylawa, to show up to the frontlines. I’ll be frank: piss off you hypocrites from our children,” wrote Hanna Lis.

Polish internauts were quick to point out to Hanna Lis, that two politicians she supports, Robert Biedroń and Paweł Rabiej, who are currently promoting LGBT ideals, are both homosexuals, and therefore also childless. 

“I understand, that childless Rabiej and Biedroń should also piss off?” wrote Sebastian.

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