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Father Kobyliński: Fierce culture war in Poland

Poland is experiencing a harsh war of world views and attacks against the Church will increase, says Professor Father Andrzej Kobyliński. Warsaw has seen another profanation of the icon of the Black Madonna of Częstochowa.

“We are dealing with a very fierce political, world view and religious conflict,” Father Kobyliński told He explained that due to the current election season, there will be an increasing number of conflicts. 

Kobyliński pointed out that world view and religious issues are an increasingly common element in political debate. He gave the example of Donald Tusk’s recent lecture, which no one remembers the content of, but everyone remembers the speech of Leszek Jażdżewski, which concerned the Church and religion. 

“This shows how important the topics concerning the Church and religion are in Poland, sometimes even more so than the planned lecture of the President of the European Council,” Kobyliński added.

The professor argued that those who profane religious icons should be sought after and arrested. He warns, however, that in several cases “the law will be powerless” as “there is an increasing number of people religiously ambivalent in Poland or even hostile towards Catholic faith.”

The younger generations are becoming increasingly secular, which will lead to even more people who are opposed to the Church.

The upcoming election period will be difficult for Catholics: “This is a difficult situation for Catholics and there is no need to be calm, as there will be more hate under the Church’s address and more profanation might happen. And it will be entwined with fierce political debate,” said Father Kobyliński.


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