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Tarczyński: Illegal migration is the new religion of the Left

Dominik Tarczyński, PiS MP standing for election as an MEP argues that the Right bases its values on faith in God and the Left has a new religion in the shape of illegal immigration.

“They created a religion based on this to fill an emotional void and show that they are good people,” says Dominik Tarczyński.

Tarczyński dismisses Donald Tusk’s chance of making a triumphant return to Polish politics. He argues that by becoming a favorite of Angela Merkel or the liberal daily Gazeta Wyborcza he is getting political oxygen but is in fact a burden for the liberal opposition. He views the liberal elite as a mutual admiration society.

Dominik Tarczyński is bullish about the shape of the EP after May 26th. He believes that nations are turning to conservative forces in reaction to illegal migration and that the next EP will produce a different kind of EC. He expects Viktor Orban’s party to leave the EPP.

He hopes that a conservative EP will stop wasting money on left-wing projects controlled by George Soros. Instead money should be used to back traditional families, he believes.

But he sees that the key difference between the Left and Right in Europe is faith. By denying God the Left has created a vacuum which they have tried to fill with illegal immigration in order to show themselves capable of helping people. Immigration is the Left’s ‘false God’, its new religion.

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