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Income inequality in Poland identical to Ireland and Switzerland

Income equality in Poland is above the European average, which is a surprise given the common belief in Poland, writes Marcin Herman, analyzing recent Eurostat data.

Eurostat’s recent report concerning income inequality in Europe has been surprising. It turns out that the level of inequality in Poland is equal to Ireland and Switzerland (which is considered while not being in the EU). Equality in Poland is slightly higher than the EU average, and Spain, Bulgaria, Greece and Lithuania, for example, have higher income inequality. 

These results are surprising because the general thought is that there are large spreads in the income in Poland. On the other hand, the data shows that Poland has a very balanced economy, where there isn’t a sector which significantly dominates the others, when it comes to GDP. 

There have also been growing social transfers and raises of the minimum wage for the last few years, which influence this good result, though income equality might not mean much to some. 

You can say that the conflict over equality and inequality, over the division of common wealth and redistribution is one of the strongest in Poland. But Poles, in the vast majority, have an egalitarian approach to life and do not like social-economic contrasts.

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