A new alliance?

Kaczyński to meet Salvini in Warsaw

Law and Justice (PiS) chairman Jarosław Kaczyński will meet with Italian Deputy PM and leader of Northern League Matteo Salvini to discuss the upcoming European Parliament elections. According to La Repubblica, both parties are of the same mind when it comes to the migration crisis.

On January 9th, Salvini will meet with Kaczyński in Warsaw. La Repubblica claims that this meeting is meant to initiate an alliance prior to the upcoming EP elections.

Salivini’s trip to Poland, the first since he became foreign minister last June, has not yet been officially proclaimed in Rome. 

Hard preparations

The left-wing journal wrote that organizing the meeting with the PiS chairman was not easy. For it to happen, a special delegation from Salvini’s party Northern League (Lega Nord), had to travel to Warsaw twice in advance. The journal reminds that Salvini is considered a “close friend of Moscow.”

Both leaders use the same language when it comes to closing the borders in front of migrant pressure

Salivini’s trip will also have an economic aspect to it, as 3,500 Italian companies have their headquarters in Poland.

The main reason for this trip is political, however, underlines La Repubblica, and is connected to the May EP elections. There is also the possibility of establishing a unified group in which both PiS and Salvini’s party would be members, as well as other right-wing forces.

The journal highlights that “both leaders use the same language when it comes to closing the borders in front of migrant pressure.”

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