Kaczyński's "bombshell" tape

Poland’s largest liberal newspaper “Gazeta Wyborcza” released "a bomb" in the guise of the Jarosław Kaczyński tapes. However, the tapes held nothing compromising and the newspaper became the laughing stock of Poland.

The tape unveiled by “GW” is from July 2018. Jarosław Kaczyński, an Austrian businessman with family connections to Kaczyński, Gerald Birgfellner and Kaczyński’s cousin Grzegorz Tomaczewski took part in the conversation at PiS’ headquarters in Warsaw. 

“GW” reported that Kaczyński had halted the project to construct a 190-meter skyscraper, because Warsaw’s City Hall under Civic Platform rule blocked the development conditions. 

“If we won’t win the elections, then we will not build the skyscraper in Warsaw,” Kaczyński said in the recording.

Hearing the news, Birgfellner starts to demand payment from Kaczyński, for the work completed so far. The PiS’ chairman refuses due to the lack of necessary documents and encouraged the Austrian to take legal action.

Polish publicists and internauts mocked the tape:

“I read about Kaczyński’s tapes in Gazeta Wyborcza and I consulted the doubts about payments and the receipt with a property expert. This truly is a bomb: GW has decided to strengthen PiS. In a very circuitous way, because it’s due to evident self-ploughing.  There is nothing new or substantial in it. Nothing,” wrote journalist and political scientist Bartłomiej Radziejewski on Facebook. 

The above tweet by commentator Łukasz Warzecha: “A quick evaluation after looking through GW’s text: there is nothing legally doubtful there. It’s a complicated issue, so I won’t ground myself in details. There may be, however, a general feeling that “PiS is making some odd business – they’re just like PO.”

“Czuchnowski [the co-author GW story] on what is so sensational about this recording: that someone recorded Kaczyński. The scandal of scandals,” wrote the head of Warsaw Enterprise Institute, Tomasz Wróblewski. 

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