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Kapuściński: The Hungarian case is repeating itself in Poland

Polish society is waking up to the positive changes introduced by PiS in the last four years, writes Ryszard Kapuściński.

Ryszard Kapuściński points to recent surveys almost giving the ruling party constitutional majority in parliament. In his opinion the same process happened in Hungary a few years ago.

The last survey conducted by Estymator for Do Rzeczy is the first to show such a decisive advantage of Law and Justice (PiS). If the elections to the Sejm happened today, PiS would receive 47.9 percent of the votes, the Civic Platform (PO) 22.7 and Spring 7.3 percent. 

PiS would receive 272 mandates and would only need four more mandates to possess a constitutional majority. 

Many of us have wondered why, after revealing so many scandals which took place during the PO-PSL government, it was so difficult to convince Poles to vote for a party, which in the last years had introduced so many positive changes to the lives of Poles. 

How was it possible, that parties which are pulling Polish youth into the abyss of different deviations, had such high support? 

I believe that the situation in Hungary is repeating itself, when only four years after former PM Ferenc Gyurscany’s tapes of truth were revealed, Hungarians pushed socialists away from power. 

It’s similar in Poland now. Only after several years do voters understand what the previous government thought of Poland when they called the country during taped conversation a “d*ck, a*s and a pile of rocks.”

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