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Lengyel-Magyar exhibition in Warsaw

An exhibition documenting the history of Polish-Hungarian friendship has been opened in Warsaw’s Łazienki Królewskie park by the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Piotr Gliński.

The History shared by the brothers – unique pieces from the Budapest collections exhibition includes dozens of priceless items usually displayed in Hungary’s leading museums. They show the shared history between Hungary and Poland.

“This is a personal and unique exhibition, just like Polish-Hungarian relations,” emphasized Gliński during his speech at the opening event. He also reminded how Hungary helped Poland in 1920 and during the Second World War, as well as Poland helping Hungary in 1956.

The minister underlined that what characterizes Polish-Hungarian relations is “mutual respect, help and, last but not least, pure sympathy towards each other.”

The unique items on display include the ceremonial blade of Pope Julius II given to King Władysław Jagiellończyk, the scepter of Stefan Batory, the saber of general Józef Bem, and a rare golden coin: the 100 ducats of Zygmunt III Waza.

The exhibition also includes the cigarette case given to Zoltan Balo by interned Polish soldiers in 1941.

“Our common future is hidden in the past,” said Miklos Kasler, the Hungarian Minister of Human Resources. “For a thousand years we have relied upon our culture, values, traditions, ability to create a state and Christianity. If we continue to build upon these values, then the future will belong to us.”

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