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Morawiecki: Central Europe should have a common candidate in the EU

PM Mateusz Morawiecki has declared that Central Europe should have a common candidate for key positions in the European Union.

PM Morawiecki pointed out that there are about 4-5 such important positions and revealed that there is an unwritten rule, in which they are divided regionally: Northern Europe, Central Europe, Southern Europe, Eurozone countries and those apart from the Eurozone. “This will be the subject of negotiations,” he added.

The Polish PM said that during the summit in Sibiu, Romania he had “touched upon all key and important issues for Poland”, including protection of external borders due to “migration and refugees”, the single market, freedom of conducting services and economic and industrial policies.

He positively evaluated the declaration signed in Sibiu and reminded of the recently signed declaration during the Together for Europe summit in Warsaw.

The PM supported the notion of expanding the Schengen Area, as it is not only for freedom of movement of people, but also products between EU states. He also opposed the idea of protectionism within the EU when it came to the Union’s industrial policies.

Morawiecki warned those attending the Sibiu summit of the dangers of Nord Stream 2 and how “it is in reality financing the armament policies of Putin and how it is something opposite to European solidarity.”

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