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Netanyahu the immortal

Benjamin Netanyahu’s next term means the continuation of the hard line towards Palestine, claims Patryk Gorgol. He also analyses the implications of the Israeli PM’s victory in parliamentary elections.

The rumors about Netanyahu’s political death were exaggerated as Israelis decided that their current PM will give them security with his uncompromising policies. Netanyahu is to become the longest incumbent PM in Israel’s history, especially since the President of Israel, who came from Netanyahu’s Likud party, is the one who decides who will form the government.

It is hard to share Donald Trump’s optimism that the result of these elections gives a larger chance for peace in the Middle East. Another term of PM Netanyahu means the continuation of the hard line against Palestine.

Both sides cannot hold serious debates with each other and do not imagine the existence of two countries

The PM’s right-wing religious coalition doesn’t seem keen on compromising when it comes to borders, the status of Jerusalem, militarization, the demilitarization of Palestine and the evacuation of settlements on the West bank of Jordan. Especially, since the settlers are the core electorate of the ruling coalition who without the government’s financial support wouldn’t be able to function.

The current Israeli government is not interested in the creation of an independent Palestinian state, because in their mind the establishment of such a state would be a threat to the existence of Israel. It would be a nightmare for Israeli military officials to have Iranian bases on the Western bank of Jordan.

We are currently in a situation in which both sides cannot hold serious debates with each other and do not imagine the existence of two countries. This is why Israel is basing their decisions on fait accompli policies when it comes to the settlement on the West Jordan bank and the maximum restriction of rights for Palestinians.

Israel’s society supports such a direction, proof of which are the recent parliamentary elections. Peace would only be possible if both sides could compromise and that would be very costly politically. Currently, neither side seems ready for such a solution.

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