New Kraków-Zakopane rail line will cut travel times in half

A new railway line between Krakow and the mountain resort of Zakopane will cut travel times in half. Instead of taking three hours, passengers will be able to reach their destination in just an hour and a half.

The Ministry of Transport has signed a contract for preparing the project which will provide a fast rail link between Kraków, Nowy Sącz and Zakopane. The line will provide a major boost to the tourist industry in this popular Tatra Mountain of southern Poland. It will be the longest railway line constructed in Poland for 40 years.  

According to Transport minister Andrzej Adamczyk the project will be important not only for the region, but also for the transport system of the whole country and for the international transport network.

It will be the longest railway line constructed in Poland for 40 years

“This line will serve international traffic in goods as part of the “Amber trail”. It will also serve passengers and be connected to the proposed Central Communication Port (Central Airport) which is to be built in Central Poland. 

A part of the North-South axis

The project on completion will improve transport links in Southern Poland as well as on the North-South axis of Europe that covers territories between the Baltic, the Balkans and the Black Sea. The project consists of 58km of new railway track and 80km of modernized tracks. It will include the construction of 11 tunnels, 20 bridges and 30 viaducts. It will cost 180 million PLN and should be ready in 2027.

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