Opinion: PiS' European Declaration is a lost opportunity

PiS’ “European Declaration” has proven that the Polish ruling party does not feel the pulse of international matters. PiS’ international offer was poorly prepared in terms of its design, narrative and merit, writes Łukasz Kobeszko.

French President Emmanuel Macron and the new chairwoman of the German CDU Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer published broad manifestos about the future of the European Union, but PiS ignored the opportunity to discuss their ideas by publishing a worthless Facebook declaration. 

This was the perfect time for PiS to join into the discussion about the future of the EU. It was also a time for PiS to introduce, not only to Poles, but to Europeans their narrative for Europe. 

Instead, during their weekend pre-election convention, PiS displayed a mix of an election poster with a meme with a facebook post. It wasn’t even directed at Poles, but merely their electorate. 

It was a time for PiS to introduce, not only to Poles, but to Europeans their narrative for Europe. Instead, PiS displayed a mix of an election poster with a meme with a facebook post

Although this “PiS Twelve” touched upon important issues such as the difference of the quality of products on the European market, the crisis of the European policy of unity and the European energy independence, is nothing new and has been highlighted in the past.

Many of the declaration’s postulates prove that PiS is unable to put themselves forward as an essential participant in creatively changing the EU. 

What was missing were references to issues concerning the future of united European armed forces and trans-Atlantic relations, as well as the development of the EU’s economic position as an economic and technological rival to the US and China. What about an answer to Macron and Karrenbauer’s aim to engage the EU in North Africa? 

This “declaration” confirms the broadly expressed opinion abroad, that for PiS international and European politics it is still a terra incognita. Warsaw, except for showman flexing in front of the European Commission, has no ambitions to become a political player who wishes to create new paths in Europe.

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