Opposition politician refuses to apologize for portraying Kaczyński as Hitler

Adam Struzik, deputy chairman of the Polish People’s Party (PSL), the electoral ally of the liberal opposition has refused to apologize for his Twitter feed which used a photograph of Jarosław Kaczyński with a Hitler style moustache. The opposition politician denies causing offence and sent “greetings to haters and those who don’t have a sense of humor”.

Struzik removed the photograph of the leader of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) with the add on moustache from his Twitter account several hours after it was published, after many users demanded an apology. 

"In any part of the world after such a tweet there would be a resignation Mr Mayor apologies @StruzikAdam are not enough!," wrote Maciej Stańczak.

The senior opposition politician who is also regional mayor for the central Mazowsze province has no intention of apologizing: "Greetings to all haters, slanderers, spiteful bitter liars, all who don’t have any inkling of a sense of humor,” he responded to the criticism.

His party leader Włodzimierz Kosiniak-Kamysz refused to comment saying only that the Twitter feed had been removed. 

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