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PiS Five fights for farmers

The new “PiS Five” will fight for farmers, supporting small and medium-sized farmsteads, announced PiS Chairman Jarosław Kaczyński. PM Mateusz Morawiecki underlined the struggle of the Visegrad Four to fight for equality of farmsteads throughout the EU.

“I want everyone to be treated equally, no matter from which region they are, be it city or village,” Kaczyński emphasized at the weekend convention in the village of Kadzidło, Mazowieckie Voivodship.

The Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy Elżbieta Rafalska highlighted Kaczyński’s speech on twitter:

“Poles are a community. The main goal of the government is to care for that community, so that it is composed of equal and free citizens.”

The PiS leader explained that support for the local animal handlers, who produce their own feed and take care of the animal’s well-being, is foreseen to be at least PLN 100 for each hog and PLN 500 for each cow. 

Kaczyński also claimed that PiS will fight to increase Poland’s share in the pool of funds from the European Union for agriculture. “So far, Poland has received 8 percent of it, but PiS politicians will fight for me,” the PiS Chairman emphasized.

Law and Justice also proposed for small and medium-sized farmsteads to receive the most EU funds, and not the largest ones as it is today.

Morawiecki: V4 bombarded The EC

PM Mateusz Morawiecki underlined that PiS wants Poland and other EU member states to be treated equally, referring to the situation of Polish farmers where in many cases they are not treated the same as those from other countries.

Morawiecki emphasized that the Visegrad Four had noticed this problem “two years ago.” He explained that the V4 began to “bombard the European Commission” and as a result “the EP Committee on Internal Market will vote over a directive which is meant to guarantee that foodstuffs and other products sold in EU countries must have the same ingredients and parameters.”

“We want to stop unjust division between EU member states. The strike against Polish farms is also a strike against Polish cities and all of Poland. We fight for equality,” PiS spokeswoman Beata Mazurek wrote on Twitter, quoting the PM.

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