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PiS lead in EP election polls

Law and Justice (PiS) is increasing its lead over the European Coalition (KE) in election polls, claims a new series of surveys conducted by PARR and

According to the latest polls, PiS would receive 38.7 percent of the votes if the European Parliament elections occurred today. 

The KE came second, with 34.5 percent and third is Robert Biedroń’s Spring party with 8.7 percent of votes. Kukiz’15 is struggling to keep above the election threshold, with only 5.2 percent.

Compared to the surveys reported by Onet in March 2019, PiS’ lead has increased. On March 1st it amounted to 2.1 percentage points. On April 1st, 3.4 percentage points and on May 1st – 4.3 percentage points. 

If the elections happened today, PiS would receive 23 mandates in the EP, the KE 20, Spring 5 and Kukiz’15 3. The surveys assume a turnout of 30 percent. The accuracy of the surveys during the elections in 2014 was 96 percent. 

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