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PiS: No war compensations from Poland

“There will be no permission granted for paying out [war] compensations from our side,” PM Mateusz Morawiecki tweeted, referring to a speech by the leader of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, Jarosław Kaczyński.

During an election picnic in Pułtusk, Kaczyński, argued that “Poland has no war responsibilities. This goes for the legal point of view, as well as elementary morality and propriety.” 

Kaczyński pointed out that it should be other nations who pay Poland. “There are those West of Polish borders who owe us tens, hundreds of euros or dollars, maybe more than a trillion, we don’t owe anyone anything,” he stressed.

Mateusz Morawiecki echoed Kaczyński’s words on Twitter, following the speech:

“Poles should have the right to be proud of their history, heritage and culture, as well as celebrating under the white-red banner. We should remember the tragic fate of the Polish nation during the Second World War, which is why there will be no permission for paying out compensations from our side.”


During the meeting in Pułtusk, Morawiecki took to the stage after Kaczyński and emphasized that “Poles were the most murdered victims.” 

The PM explained that they will find the right legal formulas and that as long as his government is in power “those regulations, legislation which we will introduce, will not be an answer to any demands from any side. We will not let that happen.”

Many American Jews and the World Jewish Restitution Organization argue that Poland is the only major country in the former Soviet bloc that has taken no action to return private property confiscated by the Nazis or nationalized by the Communist regime. The organization adds that about 3,500,000 Jews lived in Poland prior to the war and about 10,000 currently reside there. 

The current Polish authorities say that Poland already settled, by acceding to a 1960 bilateral treaty, all claims for private property in Poland owned by United States citizens before September 1st, 1939. 




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