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PiS risks Fort Trump on Act 447

Law and Justice may risk Polish-American relations while fighting over Right-wing votes with Konfederacja (the Confederation). Rzeczpospolita daily analyzes the potential consequences of opposing the American JUST Act (Act 447).

The Act 447, concerning compensation for fortunes stolen away from Holocaust victims, has been one of the main topics of the European Parliament election campaign in Poland.

The debate was introduced by the Confederation - a joint list of ultra-liberal and nationalist environments, who are PiS’ rivals. The Confederation has accused PiS of being too lenient towards Israel and the US.

“We are being questioned by our voters when it comes to war reparation claims,” explained a source in PiS, adding that the majority of these claims were not included in the agreement between Poland and the US from 1960.  This is why Jarosław Kaczyński has been referring to the issue and Mateusz Morawiecki announced concrete legal actions against Act 447 during PiS’ recent convention.

The conflict over compensations for Holocaust victims has reignited a very sensitive moment in Polish-American relations.

In November, the US Department of State will file a report to Congress, showing how Poland and 45 other states have fulfilled their commitments from 2009, when they signed the Terezin Declaration. The document concerned compensation for Holocaust survivors for fortunes stolen by the Germans and later taken over by the Communists.

This is even more important as Poland is finalizing negotiations to increase US military presence in Poland, commonly named “Fort Trump”. Andrzej Duda will be meeting with Donald Trump in June to discuss this matter.

Rz’s American sources have informed that this might not work out, if a scandal similar to the one around the Polish Holocaust Law occurs.

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