American base in Poland

"Fort Trump" plans moving forward

Despite Gazeta Wyborcza claims, American media report that plans to establish US military bases in Poland are pushing forward. Both the Polish Defense Minister and the US ambassador to Poland have shared their progress on the matter.

GW wrote that the concept of “Fort Trump” is moving further away. According to American media such as “Time” and the US armed forces daily “Stars and Stripes” the negotiations are moving forward, and the project of permanent US military bases is becoming increasingly real. 

This week a high-ranking Pentagon official will visit Warsaw to discuss the details of increasing American military presence in Poland.

US Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher has confirmed the media reports on Twitter:

“Despite what has appeared in media, we are making huge steps in our negotiations concerning the increased presence of American forces in Poland. I took part in those meetings, so this is first-hand knowledge,” Mosbacher added.

Mariusz Błaszczak himself also responded to the recent information in the media:

“In the whole mess concerning the presence of US military in Poland, I’d like to remind that it is the Polish Defense Ministry who are conducting these negotiations. Of their results, I will inform the President first and the Polish government, and then the media. Please be patient and have more faith and trust.”


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