2010 Smolensk crash

"Poland must fight for the truth to regain its position in Europe," urges Kaczyński

PiS Chairman Jarosław Kaczyński called for Poles to fight to make Poland a great nation during the commemoration of the 9th anniversary of the Smoleńsk catastrophe in Warsaw.

“If Poland ever wants to regain its position as a great European nation; it must fight for that truth,” Kaczyński urged the crowd at Piłsudski Square in Poland

Kaczyński told the attendees of the commemoration that the trip of the Polish delegation in April 2010 was not just an ordinary trip, but a “fulfillment of a mission concerning issues broader than commemorating the murdered Polish officers.” It was also about “regaining the right to truth.”

According to the PiS Leader, the Polish right to truth is special as it is “a right to decency, to the belief that our nation fulfilled its obligations in different moments, often at a great cost and not expecting any payment.”

Kaczyński pointed out that that truth is often “questioned by many” and that if Poland ever wants to regain its position as a great European nation; “it must fight for that truth”.

“President Lech Kaczyński understood that, we understand it and so does President Andrzej Duda,” Kaczyński emphasized, adding that “it is of great importance for Poles to also understand that.”

The PiS Chairman urged Poles to never forget those who died in the catastrophe and not to forget about the tragedy itself.

“Remember also, that we must do much for our nation to be united, to feel strong, to feel just internally, which is necessary for our nation to truly be one,” Kaczyński declared and explained that Poles must look to the “decisions ahead” which will be “decisive for our nation.”

The statesman ended his speech with a call: “Poland must win, Poles must win”.

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2010 Smolensk crash

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