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Poland prepares the law in response to US Act 447

The planned changes to Polish law are meant to protect Poland from having to pay any war reparations, said the head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Michał Dworczyk. The changes come in response to the US Congress approving Act 447.

In April 2018, US Congress passed the so called Act 447, also known as the Just Act which gives the US Department of State the right to assist international organizations associating Holocaust victims, and what’s more important, helping them regain heirless Jewish fortunes.

During the PiS conference on Saturday, PM Mateusz Morawiecki announced that the PiS government will find legal solutions which will protect Poland from any kind of war reparation demands. Kukiz’15 has declared that they will introduce a project of an anti-447 bill to parliament.

“During the next Parliamentary session, planned for May 15th-17th, we will introduce the details and actions of the changes to law announced by the PM,” Dworczyk said.

The minister underlined that the Act 447 is not a bill which is legally in effect in Polish territory and does not create any legal consequences for Poland.

Polish authorities are in the process of restitution of the property of pre-war Jewish communities, returning Jewish cemeteries, synagogues and other buildings to Jewish communities. This process does not apply to private property. Individuals may apply for restitution of property or damages in Polish courts.

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