Poland in talks to buy F-35 fighter jets

Poland is in talks with the US to purchase new F-35 fighter jets, President Andrzej Duda announced. The president also underlined the necessity to upgrade the obsolete fleet of MiGs.

Poland is negotiating with the US to purchase Lockheed Martin's F-35 stealth multirole fighter jets, said President Andrzej Duda. "We have already talked with the American side on this issue. We are speaking about F-35 aircraft, just to be clear," Duda told Radio Szczecin. 

The President underlined that the Polish air force should be “modernized” and “developed” by moving away from “post-Soviet” planes toward armaments which “are used by NATO armies” and have “a proven track record.”

Duda claimed that the purchase of new aircraft is important because 50 F-16 fighters is “not enough.” 

A state which is positioned where we are in terms of geopolitics, must aspire to have more of such resources

“A state which is positioned where we are in terms of geopolitics, which has such a population and size potential, must aspire to have more of such resources,” the President said.

The President said that Poland has already signed deals for the purchase of rocket artillery HIMARS and the surface to air Patriot missile systems. The government has also pushed forward a bill meant to increase spending on defense by up to 2.5 percent of GDP by 2030.

Duda underlined that he is urging the Polish government to accomplish this GDP increase by 2024.

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