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Poor Germans – Poles refuse to collect asparagus on their fields

Germany is lacking workers to collect spargel (asparagus) harvests, they usually hire seasonal Polish and Romanian workers. German public media suggests that Law and Justice’s (PiS) child benefit program “500 plus” may be the reason.

The German Foreign Ministry, searching for the reason behind this lack of workers, has noted that Poland has seen very high economic growth. They also pointed out that the “500 plus” program is operating in Poland.

“Maybe this is the deciding factor for a parent: do I really have to abandon my family for three months and work in a German field?” reads an entry on

Although “fortunately” for Germans, they can still hire workers from Romania, though the German Foreign Ministry informs that Romania’s economy is also rapidly developing, it’s only a matter of time until Romanians will also refuse to work in Germany.

German farmers are calling for the betterment of the difficult situation in allowing workers from outside of the EU – from Ukraine and Belarus – to enter the job market.

This is interesting, given the large number of migrants from the Middle East in Germany.

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