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Polish Catholic hierarchy condemn pedophilia after shocking film airs

The Polish Primate has apologized for “the wounds caused by the clergy”. He was referring to the film “Don’t tell anyone” that documents instances of pedophilia in the Polish church.

Polish Primate Wojciech Polak stated that he was “deeply moved” by what he saw in the film. “I apologize for every wound caused by the clergy,” he said. He was responding to the film “Don’t tell anyone” which premiered on YouTube on Saturday and has already been watched by millions. The film describes many instances of pedophilia committed by the clergy.

The Primate goes on to say that “the great suffering of the victims is a source of embarrassment and pain. At this moment I recall those of the victims whom I have had the chance to meet. I want to thank all those who had the courage to talk about their ordeal”. He added that “we must protect children and youth. There can be no other way for the Church.”

Another senior member of the clergy, Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki thanked the director of the film, Tomasz Sekielski, for making it. He hoped that the film will accelerate the process of protecting young people in the church and the observance of Pope Francis’s decrees on the subject.

The two-hour long documentary contains a series of interviews with victims and confrontations with priests alleged to have committed the offences as well as analysis by psychologists and lawyers. Photos of the victims from the past are shown and cameras accompany them in visiting places in which the alleged acts of pedophilia took place.

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