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Polish PKO BP overtakes Deutsche Bank

Polish Bank PKO BP has exceeded Deutsche Bank (DB) in stock exchange value. Experts highlight that just a few years ago, DB was as much as 20 times larger than PKO BP.

“The largest Polish bank PKO BP has just overtaken the German titan Deutsche Bank when it comes to stock exchange value. Today, PKO BP is growing by about 5 percent and DB is not faring well in the new regulations environment. BRAVO!,” wrote the director of the investment advisor officer Credit Agricole, Tomasz Wyłuda on Twitter.

Wyłuda told the Polish Press Agency (PAP), that investors are rating PKO BP as the more valuable bank, which has a higher growth potential that would bring them more profit.

During the Thursday stock exchange session, both banks were worth about PLN 52 bln, but PKO BP exceeded DB at one point. Wyłuda reminded that merely a few years ago DB was 20 times larger than PKO when it comes to capitalization. 

Wyłuda believes that the next few months will “probably not see an improvement” for DB and that it will most likely have to merge with another German bank, such as Commerzbank. For now, the director underlines, Poland will have a larger bank than the largest German bank.


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