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Political fight intensifies in Poland

By accusing Law and Justice (PiS) of being scared through the media, the opposition is carrying over its own political insecurities onto others, writes Michał Karnowski.

Who is the woman whom PiS fears so much?” asks a paper connected to the Civic Platform, depicting Gdańsk mayor Aleksandra Dulkiewicz on its cover. It’s the same paper which previously emphasized that PiS is afraid of several other opposition politicians and sympathizers. All of these people claimed that they were “mad at PiS” and that the nation’s youth was with them. 

The opposition is promoting a new “fearful” thesis on the internet. The government is supposedly terrified of the consequences of the Kuchciński affair, Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen, an alliance between Kukiz and PSL (laughable), economic slow-down in Germany and so on.

I’m wondering whether the opposition itself is as fearful as they attribute to others?

In reality, these claims are an element of psychological warfare meant to undermine PiS’ confidence. A desperate search for a lever, which would change the balance of forces in one move. 

They have also been engaging in debates with those members of PiS who supposedly believed that their party is Teflon and have been proven wrong. I know several people in the party, and none of them believe that their formation is Teflon. The opposite is true – they know that the construction is fragile and prone to attacks.

PiS isn’t fearful or self-important, it is simply tethered to the rule that in democracy nothing is given once and for all. This is the formation which won in 2015 despite all the large media, businesses and external Polish surroundings. 

Neither Teflon or fear come from this, but rather elasticity and humbleness (sometimes enforced by Jarosław Kaczyński). 

PiS is stubbornly aiming to base politics on merit – an ambitious program which will be efficiently and swiftly introduced and evaluated by voters. This is where Kaczyński’s hopes for re-election lie and this strategy is being carried out with an iron consequence.

Opposition media have fully entered campaign mode and any pretenses have been dropped. What is most important to realize today is that this campaign will not be easy for the Right. Not because of the supposed political talents of mayor Dulkiewicz, but because of the untouched media domination of the opposition in the last four years.

Two months before the elections, they are able to create many bashing headlines in several papers. This is followed by jumps in emotional tension in society and the chances that the opposition will not organize such an action a few days before the elections is slim. 

This is where the largest risk for the Right lies before October 13th.

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