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President Duda White House visit confirmed

Polish President Andrzej Duda will visit the US President in the White House on June 12th.

The Polish President and his wife will meet President Donald Trump and Melanie Trump next month in Washington DC. President Duda will spend the whole of June 12th in the US capital and will then visit Texas and Silicon Valley on the west coast. He will be accompanied by business and start-up representatives on that leg of his visit.

The visit to the west coast, which will also include meetings with the Polish diaspora in San Francisco, is a long standing commitment. But it is the opportunity to meet President Trump which will be most keenly welcomed in Warsaw.

President Duda is keen to meet President Trump as Poland’s relations with the US are getting closer. The two heads of state have much to discuss on enlarging the US military presence in Poland, LNG gas imports from the US and US investments in Poland. The visit will confirm that the alliance is becoming ever stronger.



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