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Pro-life and family marches in 130 Polish cities

Families in 130 Polish cities have this year marched against demoralization in education. The Warsaw march took place with the slogan: “Don’t allow for demoralizing sex education in Warsaw schools”.

The participants of the march in Warsaw also had banners saying “Save our children” and “Husband and wife - a real family”. The march, organized by the Life and Family Center, was attended by many families with their children. The march is reported to have been well attended, when compared with the Warsaw authority sponsored LGBT parade on Saturday.

The organizers of the march informed that similar marches for life and family are taking party in 130 Polish cities. This year’s theme was sex education that threatens to disrupt children’s development and threatens the authority of parents.

The Mayor of Warsaw’s decision to sign a LGBT charter which included a program for LGBT education for 200,000 children in the city has sparked considerable controversy. Poland’s constitution gives parents the right to raise their 4.5 million Polish children in accordance with their values and beliefs. The demonstration in Warsaw which took issue with demoralization and undermining of parental authority was also attended by parental organizations from the US and western Europe who briefed the demonstrators on negative experiences enforcing sex education in their countries.

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