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Professor Nowak: Tusk is using perfidious hate speech

“Donald Tusk is using perfidious hate speech,” says professor Andrzej Nowak referring to Tusk’s comparison of Hans Memling’s painting from St. Mary’s Basilica in Kraków to the rainbow profaning of the head of the Black Madonna.

“It’s simply villainy,” Nowak, the professor of the Jagiellonian University, claimed in an interview for and explained that “the rainbow which profanes the Częstochowa Madonna is an entirely different one to the rainbow depicting in Memling’s painting.”

Nowak argued that the rainbow in Memling’s painting is one of “deep theological content”, as opposed to the rainbow of LGBT which “aims to destroy everything related to Christian tradition.”

“I cannot imagine more villainous hate speech than the one used by Donald Tusk to suggest that Hans Memling was a LGBT ideologist,” Nowak declared and argued that perhaps Donald Tusk’s aim is to provoke conflict, which has evolved from the approach full of hate towards not only PiS voters, but millions of Poles connected to Polish traditions and religious symbols.

“I believe I speak for the majority, because I am sure that for most Poles, the Mother of God does not derive to have LGBT ideological symbols painted over her,” Nowak says.

The professor emphasized that Donald Tusk’s mention of the painting was related to mockery which was happily picked up by “those who love mocking the sensitivity of others.”

According to Nowak, the situation is a “simple villainy” which is practiced by hundreds of journalists and thousands of people who have “lost their sensitivity” towards the fact, that for others the Madonna is something extremely important in their religious identity.

Nowak claimed that he sees nothing wrong in adding mocking elements to the images of public figures, though no one’s dignity should be hindered. The issue he pointed out was the “disregard of a symbol religiously important to millions around the world”.

The reason for this loss of sensitivity, Nowak gives “tribal warfare” according to which everything can be done to the other side, because all bets are off.

He underlined the hypocrisy which has surfaced due to tribal warfare. “The same people who today disregard the image of the Madonna (…) had their mouths full of slogans about stopping hate and hate speech,” he said.

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