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Revealed: Arabski didn’t know the HEAD instructions before Smoleńsk crash

The former head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Tomasz Arabski had not read the HEAD instructions, which held procedures concerning the security of the Presidential plane before it crashed in Smoleńsk in April 2010, recordings reveal.

Prior to the Smoleńsk catastrophe of April 2010, the minister had not been acquainted with HEAD instructions concerning the safety and security of the Presidential aircraft. 

“I began to listen to it after April 10th, how it works and so on. What’s more, I even read the HEAD instructions, which I hadn’t when I signed it,” Arabski states in the recording. 

The politician has refused to comment on the issue. 

“It is shocking that state officials worked in such a manner,” attorney Stefan Hambura commented. “It’s a shame that this knowledge came out so late. I hope it’s not too late and the guilty will be sentenced.”

Arabski alongside four officials (two of them from the Polish embassy in Moscow) have been accused by the families of the victims of neglecting their duties before the Smoleńsk catastrophe. The recordings of Arabski speaking with the State Commission on Aircraft Accident Investigation were revealed during the court hearings. 

The HEAD instructions define the rules of organization and security of flights of the most important authorities in the state. The HEAD status is given when the President, the Speakers of the Sejm and Senate, the Prime Minister or high-ranking diplomats are onboard the plane. 





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