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Robotic bike production line opens in Poland

The first research and development center with a robotic production line for bike frames has been launched in Poland by AG Motors. This is the second company in Europe to start producing frames in this way.

One machine with its operator is able to replace the work of three welders. Until today, only Portuguese companies had used this production method.

The construction of the center in Podgrodzie near Dębica, south-east Poland, cost PLN 40 mln, 70 percent of which came from EU funding. The site is meant to construct over 400,000 bike frames a year and plans to expand its production to wheels and seat posts. 

The center is equipped with machines which conduct impact, endurance and driving tests. There is also a climate chamber to control the quality of variables in different weather conditions. 

The new site will also have a 3D printer for prototype construction and six welding sockets which independently connect different parts of frames. 

Poland is one of the most important players in the cycling market. According to data from the Polish Cycling Association, Poland’s cycling brand hires about 4,500 workers. 

Around 90 entrepreneurships across the country deliver close to 1.2 mln bikes each year. 830,000 of those are intended for export, making Poland the fourth largest bike producer in Europe.

According to the head of the Cycling Association Krzysztof Dylewski, this potential combined with the increasing popularity of e-bikes, allows for the inclusion of the cycling sector in the Polish electromobility strategy, which is currently lacking.


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