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Romanowski: The leftist march in foreign institutions is a threat to our values

Some foreign companies are trying to destroy our traditions and legal culture, claims Deputy Minister of Justice Marcin Romanowski, referring to the firing of a Christian worker from IKEA in Poland for refusing to participate in LGBT events.

“This is a leftist march through different institutions. It has now also been revealed in foreign private entrepreneurships, which on one hand often takes advantage of all sorts of facilitations and public resources, meanwhile breaking the law and undermining and destroying our tradition and legal culture,” Romanowski tells

The Minister explained that these companies are trying to influence Polish traditions and change the values of Poles under the guise of progressiveness and tolerance. 

Romanowski argued that Polish values are a thorn in the side of Leftist environments and that it is also visible abroad in the actions of institutions such as the European Court of Justice, which “under the guise of ‘caring’ for the supposed breaking of the rule of law in our country, in reality is focusing on politics and propaganda.”

He underlined that Poland is the last major European country which can oppose the promotion of LGBT values in Europe, “and that hurts them.”

The Minister explained that what we are dealing with is enforcing LGBT on people. “This is about forcing to promote homosexual “marriages”, adoption of children by such couples and situations, in which our religious beliefs are insulted in an increasingly disgusting manner,” he said.

He criticized such treatment of employees, calling such actions “morally horrible and shameful.”


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