Sakiewicz: Traitors of new Targowica

What is treason against state and nation? The head of Gazeta Polska Tomasz Sakiewicz considers the implications of new methods developed to besmirch Polish patriots.

The necessity of defining a traitor comes from the abuse of the term snitches. Communists called the Home Army and the Cursed Soldiers traitors, though serving the Communists themselves was the worst kind of treason imaginable. Moscow’s tendency to dress itself up as Polish patriots has been known since the times of the Targowica Confederation.

They establish their own image of patriotism, which suits the Kremlin’s interests the most and each step away from what they deem treason. A true Polish patriot could be killed by enemies of Poland and also hear from them and their lackeys that they are traitor.

When I hear that Putin’s supporters, who bring Russians loyal to Moscow onto their lists, call me a traitor, I can smell that odor of Targowica.

The newest tool to attack Polish patriots are claims of “betraying Europe.” Donald Tusk’s speech at the University of Warsaw was an example of this. If you serve Poland, but not Europe, you are a member of the Targowica. Tusk was clearly talking to Europeans and not Poles and patriotic traditions are deemed treason.

Just like Communism was a cover for Moscow’s interests, so is “Europeaness” a cover for Berlin. Tusk has betrayed us on multiple occasions, when he allowed for the destruction of Poland’s economy in favor of Germany’s, when he was disarming our army and weakening our alliance with the US and exposing our borders. He betrayed us when it came to Smoleńsk and our interests in Europe.

Betrayal is hindering the interests of your country in favor of another. When a traitor calls patriots snitches, the world is in turmoil. When a former MEP, a member of the new Confederation [Korwin-Brown-Liroy-Nationalists], demands abandoning the alliance with the US coming to terms with Russia, Tusk is doing the same – demanding breaking off the relationship with America and firming up with Berlin.

The result is the same – Poland’s helplessness against Russian aggression. The same helplessness Georgia and Ukraine had. Those countries counted on different things but weren’t a part of NATO and did not have US troops within their borders.

[The Targowica Confederation was established by Polish and Lithuanian magnates on April 27th, 1792, in Saint Petersburg, backed by the Russian Empress Catherine II. Targowica is synonymous with treason in Poland.]

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