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Solar plant on roofs of flats in Wrocław proves a hit

The solar plant installed on the roofs of flats in Wrocław last year has proven a success. Housing cooperatives are now planning to install more plants across Poland’s apartment blocks.

This is the largest scattered solar plant in Poland, which provides energy for over 15,000 inhabitants. The entire project cost PLN 4.2 mln, of which PLN 2.5 mln was borrowed from the Voivodship fund for environmental protection and water management.  

The housing cooperative Wrocław-South installed 2,771 solar panels on the roofs of 35 blocks of flats, covering a surface area of 0.5ha and the total power of the installation amounted to 739kWp. 

After 12 months of use, the panels produced 10 percent more electric energy than expected due to a longer insolation period. The benefits to the natural environment were also higher, as the panels reduced CO2 emissions by 600 tons, instead of the expected 557. This is the equivalent of how much 50,000 trees are able to absorb. 

The plants also have financial benefits for the inhabitants, as after paying back debts to finance the program, the people living in the blocks will, on average “have to pay 75 percent less for electricity,” explains Mirosław Lach, one of the creators of the Wrocław Solar Plant. 

The housing cooperative is now planning to expand the scattered solar plant and create new ecological projects. 




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