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Survey: More than 40 percent of Poles unaware of who runs opposition

The opposition does not have a solidified leader figure, and a recent poll concludes that Poles are unable to point out who is in charge, writes Wojciech Mucha.

Who is the leader of the opposition? Mucha doesn’t know, but Poles were asked and they didn’t know either. According to a recent survey by IBRiS, the politician pointed to the most as an answer to that question was Grzegorz Schetyna (over 28 percent), but 42 percent of surveyed could not answer the question.

Interestingly, people with serious ambitions but low support follow on the list: Donald Tusk (8.6 percent), Janusz Korwin-Mikke – the Confederation (3.1 percent), Władysław Kosiniak Kamysz – PSL – peasant party (2.8 percent) and Włodzimierz Czarzasty SLD – post-communists (2 percent). 

Robert Biedroń – Wiosna (Spring) party, had not been listed, even though in his borderline blasphemous announcement, he had not so long ago claimed he would “change the face of this earth.” Meanwhile, he has changed his opinion and is running to the Civic Platform because only it can give him the remains after the October elections. 

Who is at fault for all of this? The opposition itself of course, divided and conflicted as the Right was during its worst years. It also had been devoured by personal wars, petty quarrels and ambitions. 

But since the total opposition is unable to learn from others’ mistakes, they should learn from their own. They will most likely have a few more years to do so.

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