Szijjarto in Warsaw: V4 is the engine driving the EU

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szíjjártó has said that “George Soros has a clear vision of the future of Europe, which is fundamentally against the vision of the Hungarian government”.

According to Minister Szíjjártó, “Soros is in favor of bringing millions of immigrants to Europe and disagrees with the ideas presented by the governments of Poland and Hungary, which pay great attention to our heritage and sovereignty”. In his opinion the "Visegrad 4 is the engine driving the EU”.

Earlier talks with Minister Brudziński involved cooperation concerning migration not only between Hungary and Poland, but also between other members of the Visegrad Four, and other countries which share their point of view.

UN Migration Agreement

“Poland is of the opinion that in terms of European policy, regaining full control over the migration influx is paramount. We remind, that Hungary like Poland did not support the UN migration agreement (GCM),” reads the official statement published after the meeting. 

The two ministers also agreed that “the logic of supporting illegal migration, which stands behind this agreement, should not permeate into the position of the European Union and influence the direction of cooperation with the country of origins and transit of migrants.”

The logic of supporting illegal migration, which stands behind the UN migration agreement (GCM), should not permeate into the position of the European Union

The ministers agreed that Poland and Hungary should further coordinate their positions and cooperate in terms of “promoting a responsible approach to the migration issues in the European Union and in the broader international arena.”


The topic of reforming the European Border and Coastal Guard Agency (Frontex) was also touched upon, as the ministers underlined that Frontex’s strengthening cannot hinder the competencies and powers of countries to protect their own borders. This is including the external borders of the EU. 

The official statement also confirmed that efforts supported by the Visegrad Four, outside of the EU’s borders, “have contributed to a strong decrease in the number of migrants on the trail leading through Libya.” Joachim Bruziński is of the opinion that this cooperation should continue. 

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