Tarczyński: No illegal Muslim immigrants in Poland

Poland will not accept any illegal Muslim immigrants, Law and Justice (PiS) MP Dominik Tarczyński told the Turkish TRT news station. The politician further criticized Angela Merkel’s migration policies and Germany and France’s cooperation with Russia.

Tarczyński slammed Merkel’s migration policy, underlining that it was not Poland who invited over millions of Muslim immigrants. “We did not start this madness. Germany did. Angela Merkel was looking for a cheap workforce. When she realized that they did not want to work, she decided it was a joint responsibility and not hers,” the MP explained.

The PiS MP underlined that this issue was not “Poland’s war” because the Middle East had never been a Polish colony and Poland never had any colonies in the first place. 

“This is why I keep saying: no illegal immigrant will ever come to Poland!” Tarczyński concluded.

Tarczyński also reminded that Germany and France expect European solidarity, but at the same time strongly cooperate with the Russian Federation: “Being in one club means that we are all equal – we have the same rights and responsibilities,” said the politician.

The MP pointed to the Nord Stream 2 project as an example of such cooperation with Russia. “Germans ask Russians for a deal. I’m talking about Nord Stream 2,” he said.

He also claimed that France is doing business with Russia selling Mistrals assault ships and does not care for the security of other European nations. “And then they want us to pay a bill. It doesn’t work this way,” the politician emphasized.

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