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The curious case of Jażdżewski

Several opposition politicians and journalists have distanced themselves from Leszek Jażdżewski after his attack on the Catholic church during a speech at Donald Tusk’s lecture.

Marcin Wikło points out that opposition politicians and journalists have distanced themselves from Leszek Jażdżewski after his attack on the Catholic church, and analyses what role the liberal journalist played in the election campaign. The below is in Wikło’s own words.

The world finally learned who Leszek Jażdżewski is. I find it funny when I hear that “but everyone knew what he was like and what his opinions were.” With all due respect, not everyone, actually, only a few did. I don’t believe, however, that Donald Tusk did not know, at least somewhat, what the head editor of Liberte! wanted to talk about.

Politicians are ungrateful beings. First, they turned the boy on, gave him a chance like no other. They listened to him, even applauded and when a scandal happened, they cut themselves off. Normally, maybe they wouldn’t have, but there is an ongoing election campaign and it is better to hide your own views when they aren’t worthwhile.

Tusk mentioned an “energetic lecture” but was frowning. He knows very well that Jażdżewski went overboard and that the situation in which Catholics are compared to swine in mud is indefensible.

Schetyna [the opposition leader] claimed he wasn’t sure what he did and did not like in the speech, but the “conservative anchor” of the European Coalition, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz [the leader of peasant party], is going through the true drama. He is cutting himself away decisively, at least, more than he was clapping. All of Poland saw that, and now it is time to explain it somehow.

You have to be pretty naïve to believe this was all a coincidence. This was a failed plan, but it did not fail because Jażdżewski went overboard. He is defending himself with the speech he wrote, that it didn’t contain everything that he is accused of.

There is a difference between what was written and spoken, though it seems to differ in the details, but the spoken version was fixed with such virulence, that the “subtlety” vanished.

Politics is a difficult game. If someone sets themselves on fire and doesn’t withstand the pressure, they lose the game. Jażdżewski is therefore gone. He was meant to be someone who under Donald Tusk’s wing would take the place which Robert Biedroń [the leader of ultra-liberal Spring party] is now padding for himself.

But there will be more of them. They will also say what “adult” politics aren’t supposed to. If he overdoes it a bit, it will be explained with inexperience and if he overdoes it too much, he will but cut off. Decisively.

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