The threat of the German Greens

Bartosz Bartczak from Gość Niedzielny weekly warns of the upcoming shift in German politics and the threat the Greens pose to Central Europe, if they were to win the next elections.

A small political revolution occurred in Germany. The Greens have overtaken the ruling CDU in the polls and are currently the most supported German party. The coalitionary SPD is fourth, behind the AfD. The great ruling coalition is supported only by a third of Germans.

The German Greens are rising up to be the main Left-wing force. The party has moved from being a radical youth political movement to a force, which might create the future chancellor of the most powerful country in Europe. What will this mean for Poland and Europe?

If the Greens win, they will have to face the dilemma of who to create a coalition with. The first choice is one with the SPD and Die Linke, though it is unlikely due to the weakness of those Left-wing forces. The other choice is a grand coalition with the CDU, which has been often mentioned.

The Greens taking power in Germany could mean that Berlin will put more pressure on climate politics. This would not be good news for Poland and other countries in the region. The solutions forced by Germany on the EU forum could have a negative impact on the competitiveness of Central European economies.

The victory of the Greens in Germany could also deepen the divides in Europe. The party’s views do not find broader support in the countries of New Europe and the Greens are closer to Emmanuel Macron who is promoting the vision of a tighter integration as part of the Old Europe.

We can only observe the change in our Western neighbor with worry.

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