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US senators sign letter on Jewish heirless property in Poland

Washington is not planning sanctions against Poland over restitution of heirless Jewish property, claim Rzeczpospolita sources.

Eighty-eight out of 100 US senators have signed a letter which appeals to the Polish authorities to return Jewish heirless property to its owners. Not only are the letter’s contents impressive, which are meant to mobilize Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, so are the names of senators who signed the document. 

Former presidential candidates such as Macro Rubio, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders have signed the letter, as well as the heads of the foreign affairs and defense committee on whom the financing Fort Trump depends.

American sources admitted that Donald Trump’s administration has no plans to take any concrete actions against Poland over the issue. 

“This is an appeal to the conscience of the nation. It is connected with the report which is to be prepared by the Department of State by November, in accordance with the Terezin declaration of 2009,” claim Rz sources, explaining that the document is meant to evaluate what the 46 countries involved, including Poland, have done on the matter so far. 

The interlocutors emphasized that this issue is not related to any key aspects of Polish-American relations, such as increasing US military presence or abolishing visas for Poles.

Anonymous representatives of the Polish government added that the topic of restitution of Jewish property had not been discussed by Presidents Duda and Trump during their meetings, nor will it be discussed by Trump during his visit in September.

Poland does not want to make even the most symbolic concessions in the case of the restitutions.

“This is a similar situation to that of Germany, who are refusing even slight concessions in the case of reparations, because that would unleash an avalanche of demands,” the interlocutors said. 

They warned that the restitution would upend the Polish legal system and that restituting property to even a narrow group, according to national or ethnic criteria, is also out of the question.

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