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Wałęsa: It would be better to do away with the EU and start over

Former Polish president and outspoken opposition supporter Lech Wałęsa claims that the EU should be “done away with”.

The interviewing journalist from Swedish publication Aftonbladet was surprised by Wałęsa’s claims, calling them “drastic” and argued that they come “from an unexpected place.”

“The European Union was created in completely different circumstances, than the ones we have today. For a long time, I warned Germany and France that the EU will not be saved if member states spread too far apart in different directions,” Wałęsa argued and declared that “it would be better to do away with the Union in its current form and start over.”

Aftonbladet pointed out that Wałęsa is commonly known as a supporter of the idea of a united Europe and is critical of some of the actions of the Polish and Hungarian governments.

The daily reports that prior to the European Parliament elections, Wałęsa seems to be lost.

“I do not know who to vote for,” he admitted. “I will vote, I have to. I’ll choose the least harmful option.”

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