Immigrants, clowns and neo-Marxists mentioned in Sulík-Poliačik clash

Richard Sulík, Slovak MEP (Freedom and Solidarity, SaS) criticized the ineffective Spanish immigration policy on his personal Facebook account. He got into a battle of words with former colleague Martin Poliačik, who addressed him as a clown on German television

Sulík claims that Spain is experiencing a real attack on its borders.

According to the politician, hundreds of immigrants with home-made weapons are forcing their way into the European Union.

"These people are not engineers or doctors, not even people running from the war. These people are agressive predators and Europe should defend itself from them," Sulík wrote.

The politician warned that local authorities were instructed to avoid intervention. Sulík also pointed out that the Spanish police were willing to act in other cases, such as repressing the referendum in Catalonia.

The politician also attacked his former party member Martin Poliačik, who allegedly stated that Europe should make the immigrants lucky. Poliačik denied the accusations on the social network and claimed that he was referring to Slovak president Andrej Kiska’s words, who made a similar statement regarding the local Roma minority and the fate of all minorities in general.

While Poliačik addressed Sulík as a politician who acts as a “clown on German television”, the leader of the Freedom and Solidarity claimed that Poliačik’s new party, the Progressive Slovakia is based on the neo-Marxist ideology and falsely identifies itself as a true liberal party.

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