‘Demography is on our side’ – Swedish rap artist tells Black and Brown people they will win against the right

Jason Diakité, known by his stage name Timbuktu, said that changing demographics would help Black and Brown people ensure a left-wing victory in the future.
By John Cody
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In a post on Instagram, the Swedish artist Jason Diakité, known for his stage name Timbuktu, posted a message to “all black and brown people in Sweden” claiming that “demography is on our side,” following the Swedish election on Sept. 11.

The message was posted on Sept. 12 following what appeared to be the election victory of right-wing parties, although votes were still being tallied at the time. Since then, Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson has conceded and a four-party center-right coalition has taken form.

“Why does the rapper Timbuktu spread far-right myths about an ongoing people exchange?” asked Swedish journalist Ivar Arpi on Twitter in response to Timbuktu’s Instagram post, with Arpi taking issue with Timbuktu’s boasting of how demographic transformation in Sweden would lead to electoral victory against conservatives.

After Arpi commented on Twitter about the problematic nature of Timbuktu’s statements, the rapper actually responded to him on Twitter, writing, “The demography is that we are 25% in the country with roots outside Europe. We are already here.”

The Great Replacement in Europe?

Ethnic Swedes are expected to become a minority in their country in less than 50 years, according to research from a Finnish academic. The victory of the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats and the party’s right-leaning coalition partners is seen as a form of political backlash to the Swedish political establishment’s decision to allow hundreds of thousands of immigrants into Sweden, which was once considered the most immigration-friendly country in all of Europe. Sweden’s immigration population is growing rapidly, and there are currently 2 million foreign-born residents in the country, and approximately one-third of the population has at least one foreign-born parent.

However, Timbuktu has an undeniable point about demographics and the country’s political future. If only the votes of the foreign-born population was counted in the Sept. 11 election, then the left-wing coalition would have won 259 out of 349 mandates in parliament instead of narrowly losing to the right-wing coalition.

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Despite the left claiming that the Great Replacement is a conspiracy theory with no basis in reality, there have been numerous cases in the West involving the left gloating that demographics would spell the end of conservatives and those parties opposed to mass immigration, with the case of Sweden’s Timbuktu only the latest.

For example, in October 2018, New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg openly boasted about population replacement in a piece titled “We Can Replace Them.”

In the Los Angeles Times, an article entitled “California’s change demographics will further doom the Republicans” outlined how demographic replacement in the state had led to a complete reversal of Republican power and how immigration would only accelerate that trend. 

The demographic situation in Europe is also rapidly changing. Germany’s foreign-born population is reaching record highs every year, and in France, many of the cities are set to have a minority of ethnic French in the coming years. In London, White people have already been the minority for a number of years.

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In 2021, the influential French philosopher Michel Onfray spelled out how this situation was developing raipdly in France in an interview for the news site Front Populaire.

“If someone on the left says ‘the Great Replacement, that is us,’ the response is ‘very good,’ but if someone on the right like Renuad Camus says there is a ‘Great Replacement,’ they immediately cry ‘fascism,’” Onfray said.

As Remix News has previously reported, the “Great Replacement” is a term coined by the French writer Renaud Camus in his 2010 book “The Great Replacement,” where he proposes the idea that the indigenous White French people are being demographically replaced by non-Europeans. Camus is not the only European author to propose such an idea. Other proponents of the idea that Europeans are being replaced in their homelands include French thinkers Eric Zemmour, who wrote “The French Suicide,” and Michel Houllebcq, who wrote “Submission.”

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