Andrej Babiš sets the agenda

While Social Democrats argue, Andrej Babiš leads the direction of Czech foreign policy.

He was the only Czech politician who discussed migration in Italy. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán dealt with Babiš, not with Hamacek or Poche. And it was Babiš who flew to the meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday.

Poche has reportedly given up his nomination and will leave it to his assistant from the European Parliament, Tomáš Petříček.

However, he criticized President Milos Zeman as well as Prime Minister Babiš last week and, in contradiction with the government's program, he advocated the adoption of the euro. Babiš then criticized Poche, and the new quarrel ended Poche's "retreat plan."

CSSD chairman Jan Hamacek can do nothing but follow suit. He has to hope it will turn out somehow, because if he gives up the fight over the post of foreign minister, President Zeman will likely give it to Babiš.

In addition, every quarrel with the Social Democrats over Poche is welcomed by Babiš. People can start to think that the issue of the Foreign Ministry is the main and only agenda of ČSSD. And that's good for Babiš before the election.

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