Babiš criticizes EU over Brexit

Czech PM Babiš has criticized the European Commission because it failed to explain to the member countries what the Brexit deal was. Babiš, along with other V4 PMs, plan to meet European Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström to get an explanation of Brexit.

In the context of the UK's withdrawal from the EU, Babiš says that Brexit is to some extent also a consequence of EU behavior. In his view, the Czech government has managed to explain to the Czech people why it is important to stay in the EU, but on the other hand, he also says that it is important with whom it will remain in the EU. Indeed, Czechs are learning about some of the EU's actions second-hand, such as in the case of potential car tariffs, about which Babiš was informed by US President Trump.

In a meeting with the European Trade Commissioner Malmström, Babiš hopes to get an explanation of the situation, mainly because the Czech Republic is one of the largest car manufacturers in Europe. But this meeting does not end Babiš's criticism. He says that how the EU acts should change. Currently, PMs and presidents of EU countries perceive EU behavior to be all about the European Commission. In many cases, negotiations are limited to the presence of Germany, France, and the President of the European Commission, but the fact that the Czech Republic is a small country does not mean that we don´t have good ideas, says Babiš. Moreover, a similar criticism is being heard from an increasing number of European countries.

However, Deputy Prime Minister Jan Hamáček opposes Babiš's view that Brexit is a result of EU behavior. Brexit is the result of the British people trusting false information, says Hamáček. According to him, the decision to leave the EU will bring chaos and decline to the UK. Currently, the depth of this troubled situation cannot be estimated. And while Brexit promoters have EU passports, UK citizens are left in uncertainty.

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