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Čaputová seems unstoppable, but Šefčovič would be a better President

Zuzana Čaputová's win in the first round of the presidential election is so convincing that we can hardly doubt her overall victory.

While Kiska is very popular in the Czech Republic, only 35 percent of citizens support his stay in politics. Above all, Čaputová is the expression of a protest against the SMER-SD party's domination. But no protest lasts long enough, so Čaputová could just meet the fate of Kiska. Today the only thing we know about Čaputová is that there is a great marketing power behind her.

Her rival is Maroš Šefčovič, the widely recognized Vice-President of the European Commission, a successful diplomat, politician and also a candidate of the SMER-SD. A well-known person, about whom people know what he thinks. But his membership in the SMER-SD is currently hurting his chances.

I think that Šefčovič would be a better president for Slovakia. Just because many of his non-voters would have reconciled with his victory, while in the case of Čaputová´s victory, the country will remain divided. This is not good news at a time when the downturn of SMER-SD is not driven by the strengthening of the democratic opposition, but rather by an increase in support for extremists such as Marian Kotleba, and Štěpán Harabin.

Slovaks are traditionally more willing to risk than Czechs. While they choose Kiska or Čaputová, the Czechs prefer notoriously known Miloš Zeman over formless Jiří Drahoš. However, the result is that Zeman enjoys widespread popularity, while most of Slovakia wishes for Kiska to leave his post. I bet Čaputová awaits the same fate, but maybe she will surprise us.

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